Jan 11, 2010


...but that is not to say that nothing has been going on.

1st, let me tell you that Sam continues to test CANCER FREE every 2 months! In April, she will be 2 years off treatment! At that point she will start going to clinic for checkups and blood draws every 3 months...then when she hits 3 years, she will switch to every 4 month...etc

2nd, she is continuing her weekly appointment with her Personal Trainer, Nick. At this point she has lost 9 pounds...slowly but surely. Losing weight is not easy, as most of us know. And being 10 ½ , pre-teen and a bit moody, well, let's just say it is tough for her. Most of the weight is in her stomach and face. Similar to when she was on treatment. I am told that this is the "normal" place she would carry it.

3rd, the tests done on her bones to test bone density came up fine. She does not have Osteoporosis and her Oncologist says she does not have Osteopenia either by the looks of the results! So I've got the follow-up with her Orthopedic, Dr. Bradley, to see what he says on that b/c the MRI done earlier last year showed that she did...we'll see. Let's pray she does not! :-)

4th, we are heading to NH to ski and/or snowboard with my sisters at the end of the month. We have not been "home" since this past summer and are missing them all. Plus, if you remember last year at this time, Sam went skiing with the Wunsch Foundation and was not able to get her feet in the ski boots due to the pains, so we are hoping this year she will be stronger and be able to do so! ...We KNOW she is stronger, we just hope the ski boots deal will work out and she will be able to experience it with us all!
5th, I am not sure there is a 5th...we are plugging along. I am having some major major issues with Matt and his behavior but he continues to be great at school, so I am thankful for that. We soon will be switching his therapist to see if that will help him at all. Sam is doing well with her dosage of Prozac and seems to be much better with her Anxiety although closed in spaces still freak her out a bit and there is no way we are getting her in an elevator anytime soon.

Thank you for continuing to check on Samantha and for keeping her in your prayers.
Happy New Year!

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