Jul 9, 2010

Happy Summer

Hi everyone -

All is well here. Sam and Matt are both doing great. Sam is up in NH with her Auntie Pam "working" as a mother's helper for Marley and will be home next weekend...I miss her more than I thought I would. She is eating healthy and walking and hiking and swimming and having a great time and is really working on her weight and strength. She starts middle school (gasp) in August and they wear uniforms there...she is not too excited about that idea.

Matt is doing great here in FL with me. He is on some news meds that are kind of helping with his anger issues and maybe a little bit with his "everyone hates me" thoughts but the jury is still out on that. He is keeping busy going from neighbor to neighbor as I work (from home).

Cape Cod visit was nice. I worked a lot but we did get to go into Boston and go to Nantucket so that was exciting stuff...

That's about it, just staying inside mostly since it is so darn hot here and looking forward to ... I don't know, maybe November when it cools down a bit?

Wishing you all the best!

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