Sep 18, 2009

Quick Sam & Fundraiser Update

Hi All - Sam started the Prozac and it does seem to make a difference. Time will tell, I guess. Both kids have been home this week with some sort of stomach bug. I did take Sam to Dr b/c she always seems to get sick the worst and she was making me nervous with the amount of pain she was in - lower abdomen. Still no call from school (I probably just jinxed myself).

As you see to the left, we are walking again in the LTN Walk. Year 4. I know times are tough but even $5 or $10 from many people will do the trick. Do what you can. Anything you can do is appreciated. You can also join the team, if you feel inclined. The more the merrier...

Also, if you eat at Chili's on Sept. 28th, all proceeds goes to St. Judes Children's Research Hospital. Come on, go for it. You know you want the Presidente and Chips & Queso!

Remember September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, consider making a donation to your favorite Childhood Cancer Charity or offering up a prayer or 2 for a sick child in the throws of treatment or maybe for a parent who has lost thier child to cancer...there are far too many of them...

Thank you for checking in and for all you do to help us through our day each and every day.... xoxoxo

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