Aug 10, 2009

Sam's Tonsils/Adenoids Removal...

Hi all - quick update...Sam had her labs today. All is great there! (Thank God!) and Sam is cleared for her (minor) surgery this Friday. She is getting her tonsils and adenoids out @ St. Joe's day hospital. I hope this will help the insomnia and the sleep apnea and the snoring and the constant sinus infections (I know, High Hopes). She says she is so excited to see HER nurses! Samantha is a nervous wreck these days. I am not sure if it is because of school starting in two weeks, the surgery, the divorce ($), the cancer (which is gone and will stay that way) or what but she has got some serious emotional issues that I could bore you with but I won't at this time...I don't understand them at all and she doesn't either. Is there a phobia where you are afraid of everything? Seriously, no joke. The girl needs meds and that is my next most important quest (other than the FT work thing), finding a doctor to prescribe her something so she will calm down enough to 1. go to sleep, and 2. stay asleep...and 3. maybe not get so many headaches, and heck, 4. maybe even enjoy life instead of worrying about it! I'm gonna cut my Celexa in 1/2 (just kidding)
Important Stuff: The Children's Dream Fund, the awesome organization that was responsible for sending Sam to meet Hannah Montana, is selling raffle tix for the Jonas Bros Concert next week in Tampa! 1 tix - $5 and 6 tix - $25. The winner receives 3 tix and a parking pass...raffle drawing is Tuesday night (Yes, Tomorrow) and the cut off time to buy the raffle tix is Tueday @ noon. Call (727) 896-6390 ASAP to buy your raffle tix! I hope we win I hope we win I hope we win...Matt's fav song...Burnin' Up...and man, would he be Burnin' Up excited if we won and I am guessing his sister may do a little Been To The Year 3000 happy dance, too. Seriously, GREAT organization...think about it. You've got about 12 hrs...then make the call!
Peace to All... :~)

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