Feb 12, 2009

Sam's in Wisconsin!

I have been doing mini updates on Facebook, but for those of you not on Facebook (why not!?)…just wanted to keep you posted.

Sam made it safely to Wisconsin yesterday. She called me many times during her trip. The final call yesterday/last night/this morning was at 12:20AM to tell me that it was snowing! She said that the tubing was cancelled for today due to rain and some icy conditions but she was very excited that they get to spend the day at the hotel in their Indoor Water Park and Arcade…and “just relaxing from the trip”.

I believe that skiing WILL happen tomorrow…I have no heard anything about that NOT happening.

Her spirits are way up and she has met a couple friends that are “SO NICE”. Sam can make friends with a tree so I’m sure that will not be an issue for her at all.

I’m hoping to have lots of stories and photos to share.

Matthew and I (and Soñador) are heading to Sarasota this afternoon for a long weekend with N & G. I’m sure, knowing Nana, that they have great things planned for Matthew to make him feel special. He is bringing his (well, it is Sam’s actually but he plays it more than she does) guitar and he and Grampa will play together…should be interesting. He really wants to go to the beach and lie on a towel and watch the sunset…my kind of evening… He wants to bring a camera so he can show Sam. He has only said it twice but he really misses her and even cried leaving choir yesterday. He did not want to go without her and “didn’t feel like singing with Sam not here”. It warmed my heart to hear that and I have to say I felt the same way. I guess when you are joined as closely as we are, even though she can drive me nuts (and me her) it just is not the same without her. Thank you God it is only for a short time…there are many who only hear their children in their hearts.

Thanks for checking in and for keeping all cancer kids/familes in your prayers.

Please check out the link for Nico & Jeremy’s St Baldrick’s website. Most of you know them and who they are…this family has helped us more than we can ever thank them when Sam was so sick. This year, the boys are shaving their heads at the same place I did mine last year. I know times are tough but if you can give, please do…all funds go to Curesearch…the National organization responsible for Childhood Cancer research and also the clinic trials that happen around the country and world (the trail that Sam was part of was a COG – Curesearch - trial).

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