Feb 3, 2009

Sam update

Hi All -

All is going pretty well with Sam.
I think I had mentioned that she fell off the bus last week and twisted her ankle...well, her ankle gave out on her at Hip Hop class night. She was pretty upset as she is leaving for a ski trip with the Wunsch Family Foundation a week from today. She is going to Wisconsin to ski, tube, dance, and get to know other cancer kids from around the country. She is very excited and thankful that she was asked to go and she really really wants to ski. So we are hoping she will be feeling good and give it a shot!

Other than that she is doing very well. Her monthly lab appt is Monday and I have no doubt that all will be fine and she will remain Cancer free forever...I do however, realise that the long term affects are scary and her fight is not over. Between what the chemo and steroids have done to her body and the stroke she suffered (almost 3 years ago 2/5/06) that she will always have to try harder and fight more than most, but she certainly has the personality for that.

Thanks for checking in and for the continued prayers for all children and families affected by childhood cancer.

Chili's Charity Challenge:
Visit your Gulf Coast Chili's and ask your server how you can help the
Children's Cancer Center the entire month of February!
Spread the word!!!


Dan said...

I am praying for my buddy Sammi's ankle to heal fast.

I hope that you will have lots of fun on the trip.

Re the labs on Monday, she will do fine. I know it.

Re Chili's I know that they are involved with St Jude. I will find out if the charity challenge you posted is for my area as well.

Sending all of you hugs.

Dan Cohen
North Miami Beach, FL

Natalie Willis said...

I can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories from the ski trip! She is going to have so much fun!!

Hugs to you all!


Merry Christmas from the Lee family!

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