Feb 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Ok, so my beautiful happy (not today) almost 10 year old (so she says) is home from Wisconsin. She had a wonderful time with the Circle of Friends and made a very special friend (of course it is a grown up - we all know Sam). His name is Jared Tomich and Sam has been crying for Jared since she got home. She is way past over tired but she did go (kicking and screaming - seriously) to school this morning.

She also made it on TV to do an interview with Jared while in WI. Here is the written link. I can't find the actual clip anywhere online.

While in WI, she was not able to ski as her ankle was really hurting her and she could not get the ski boot clasped on her right ankle. She also wasn't able to go tubing as there was too much ice and it wasn't safe. She did have a wonderful time despite that. She went on a sleigh ride, attended a bon fire, rode 4 wheelers and ski doo's...made lots of friends and danced with a boy...at the Valentine's dance...they are just good friends, so she tells me...as she blushed. And the indoor water park wasn't too shabby either!!!

Now we deal with the fall out...the lack of sleep and sadness of missing her new friends but we are ever so thankful to Jerry Wunch, the Circle of Friends and all the chaperones and people that made this trip happen. It was an incredible event and Sam was...what did she say, I think it was "Honored" to be invited.

Thanks for checking in...please keep all cancer kids in your thoughts today...pray for their healing on earth and for their families...and for those whom we have lost, please pray for their familes. xoxo

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Natalie Willis said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Sammi has a boyfriend! :-))) I love it! I am so glad she had a good time. Thank goodness for a short school week this week, huh?
Luv ya'll!

Merry Christmas from the Lee family!

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