Mar 2, 2009

Sam Can Jump Rope? YAHOO!

Hi Everone! Just wanted to let you know that all continues to go great here with Samantha. After 3 years, Sam jumped rope this week. She was able to do 10 consecutive jumps! I got one of the tries on video...this is something she has been working on at PT for, no for YEARS! She is so so proud of herself - and she should be. Becky (her PT) was so proud of her and we will continue to push her to do more and also to get the skipping down... God, she so wants to be "normal" - it breaks my heart every day but I am so proud of all she has overcome and I pray that one day (soon) she will walk without a limp, skip, run and be a kid.
Sam & Matt are going to play softball and baseball Mar-Apr this year at Idlewild. I'm a bit nervous for Sam but she really wants to do this. I'm not sure how the running is going to work, or the bending down to try to catch a ground ball...or even the getting her cleats on...but darn it all, she wants to do it, so we will try it!!!
Thanks for checking in and for the continued prayers for Samantha (and for Matthew) and for all Cancer Kids and their families! xoxo

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