Jan 6, 2009

Update From Sam's Dr's Appt 01/05/09

We have not heard back about Sam's finger prick but assume all is well there. We did discuss her recurring UTI's and Dr Rossbach ordered 2 tests that are scheduled for Friday, 2 pm. One is an ultrasound of bladder and kidneys and Two (makes me think it'll be a 2 or 3 margarita day and I won't be waiting until 5 o'clock) is called a VCUG which is a voiding cysto urethrograph. Yep, sticking a tube up "there" injecting some contrast and waiting until she pee's it out. She was told it is a bit "uncomfortable"...you know Sam and the drama of it all...tears started as soon as we walked out. Don't want anyone else to see them fall but it's fine to cry (and be pissed off) at mom. The reason for the tests are to make sure that when she is peeing, it is all exiting and not going back up. Guess what the treatment is "if" this is the case? BACTRIM. Are you kidding me? She just stopped taking that in November...come to think of it, that is when the UTI's started. We did not discuss whether this could be due to chemo or not, but that question will come up if this is the issue, not that it matters but it'd be good to know. It could also be the non-stop diarreah that she has had since 2006. It is either diarreah or constipation. Will this kid ever have a normal BM?...will her mother ever stop writing about it on her BLOG for all to read? No idea...

We do remain THANKFUL for remission, HOPEFUL for a cure and PRAYERFUL for all our friends battling this monster. And for all the children in heaven? Constant prayers for their families. xoxo

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