Dec 30, 2008

Working…thinking…way too much thinking…

Happy New Year Everyone…We have had a good few weeks.

Disney was a little much for Sam. We tried Magic Kingdom the 1st day and left right b4 the parade (3pm) to go to a local clinic. Sam's got another UTI. We spent ½ the day in lines and ½ in the bathroom… Then 2 ½ hours at the clinic…not fun for any of us.

Day 2 we tried Epcot. She felt a lot better with the meds but both kids were exhausted and Epcot is a big “walking” park. So we were out of there pretty early as well. She does not need a wheelchair but still not full of energy…it was just too much for her.

Day 3 we came home…stopped off at Downtown Disney in the morning for Sam to get her hair and makeup done at the Bippity Boppity Boutique and Matt spent the rest of our money at Lego Land. I think that day was probably the best. We came home, rushed to get ready for church and then Sam sang at 4pm Mass. The Children’s Choir was just beautiful! Grandma and Grandpa joined us for dinner, spent the night and then the kids opened presents on Christmas morning. It was very low keyed and I think they were both very happy with their gifts.

Now we’ve got Nana & Grampa here…kids are off of school this week…I’m trying to find work (at the 2 PT jobs) Matt is being Matt and Sam is not feeling well. I try not to go there, but it is hard not to. You just do… I’m sure it is nothing…
Blood work is next week, Monday, so we wait and see…

Many prayers go out to our friends fighting the fight and to those families without their children this holiday season.

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