Jan 13, 2009

I could clean the house...

...I can't work since the new/used laptop hasn't made it's way to my door yet...the floors are in need of some serious sweeping, and the bathrooms could use a good cleaning. HMM.. and here I sit.

Samantha did make it to school today. Thank God. She feels tired, very tired. My hope/belief is that she is tired...and that is all. She slept all day yesterday. Was up for maybe an hour or two. The tests on Friday went fine - no issues at all. The procedure itself and the results. All went well. Yahoo for that. So, the thought is the UTI's are a result of the previous explained - 2+ year diarreah....no need to discuss that one again.

This kid is like an old man - or woman - with the aches and pains. I'm thinking it is possibly due to her being tired, and also the weather is a bit colder down here...more so that usual. Right now it is 62 (cool for Tampa). I think because of all she has been through (steroids and chemo and quite possibly the stroke) that she will continue down this road until her body fully recovers (please God) and once she regains her strength, she will over come this, too!

She is speaking at one of the LLS Pasta for Pennies Kick Off Luncheons tomorrow afternoon; yesterday she chickened out and I got up and spoke for her...I'm getting better at that although I still feel like puking, just for a minute, then it passes. Tomorrow, she promises she will get up and do it herself. I am printing out her mini speech so she has something to refer to if necessary. She seems excited about it. I think yesterday, she wasn't feeling so great to begin with and getting up in front of a bunch of strangers isn't easy.

Thanks, as always, for checking in...
Please keep all Cancer Kids in your thoughts and prayers... xo Jo

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Mum said...

Hi Joanne and Samantha~
For some reason I havent been getting your updates - but I have found you again and just wanted to say hello and also how I can sympathize with Sams diarrhoea. Well maybe not me personally, but Scott sure can.
About one year into treatment this started to become a problem and still is. Rarely are things normal in that department and it has started interfering with daily life.
I have also not been given a reason, but methotrexate is sometimes mentioned as the possible culprit. Every test under the sun has been done but all have come back normal. It is frustrating for me and distressing for Scott.
I know this reply has been far from helpful, just wanted to add my voice and say that I understand. I only hope that this horrible side/late effect improves in both Sam and Scott.
We miss seeing you around at clinic but at the same time are pleased that you have 'graduated'.
Best wishes to you all and hugs to Sam.
Stephanie xxx

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