Dec 4, 2008

504 Plan Updated

All is well here. Sam is doing pretty well, she has more and more engery every day. Kevin and I met with her teacher yesterday to update her 504 Plan and voice our concerns about her education. We will work with her more and her teacher is now more informed on Sam and her potential issues. We will reconvene at a later date if things don't seem to improve. I talked to Sam a bit without going too much into detail about her struggles and frustrations. She does not like to talk about it and gets upset so am trying to make it somewhat light and not go too much into detail as to why we think she is having issues (keeping it general with being out of school for 2+ years, the brain bleed, the chemo...) Also telling her that most kids/survivors have these issues and she just has to work hard (like she always has done) do her best and Mrs. Dunn (her teacher) and I will help you if you need it. You just have to ask and not be afraid that we will get upset or think you are dumb...because that is the furthest thing from our minds.
So the journey, albeit a different one, continues. We learn more every day and are thankful for having our kids here with us and thankful that we have to opportunity to even walk this path.
Keeping all our cancer friends and familes, and those who are not here on earth, in our thoughts and prayers always.

With Never Ending Hope 4 a Cure, KJSM

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