Nov 25, 2008

Dance Competition - 2nd place

Sam had her dance competition on Saturday while Matt has his last soccer game. Kevin & I missed the game, but Grampa tells us Matthew did awesome and had 2 incredbile saves and missed a goal by 6 inches (not sure how much of that was an exageration, but I'll take it)! Sam's team did fantastic and placed 2nd in their Hip Hop competition.

Sam left school on Friday, sick, and after a trip to the pediatrician (instead of the oncologist - yahoo!) found that she has a UTI. Matt waited until Saturday to get sick, with strep throat, so we were back at Dr. J's yesterday. I started yesterday with the throat and Kevin...well he is so far so good. So 75% of the house is on antibiotics. But these are all "normal" sicknesses and we'll take them! We are looking forward to seeing Grandma & Grandpa tomorrow and hanging out with them for a couple days.

Sam has her follow up with the surgeon today, I am expecting there to be tears (removing the tegaderm) but other than that, expect it to be somewhat uneventful. She seems to be healing very well and has lots of energy (other than the UTI and the issues that go along with that).

Thanks for checking in and hopefully you can see the video pretty well...taken from my camera with no flash.

Keeping all our cancer friends in our prayers this week and always...

With Never Ending Hope 4 A Cure, KJSM

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