Nov 20, 2008

1 week after de "PORT" ing, all is well

That is what Sam called it - I got de-ported! Things are going very well. She has not needed any tylenol w/ codeine since Tuesday night and is able to lift her right arm almost all the way up. So, hopefully (fingers crossed) she will be able to compete fully in her (2 minute) Hip Hop Competition on Saturday. Matthew also has his final soccer game of the season on Saturday, around the same (Roderick) is flying in tomorrow to take Matt to his game and then out to lunch! Kevin and I will go to the Dance competition and hopefully will be back in time for the end of Matt's game. Matthew is really excited that Grampa is flying down just to take him to his soccer game. Gramps is leaving Sunday afternoon as he has jury duty on Monday morning.

We has a nice visit with Nana - and are very sad that she left to go back to Cape Cod. But she and Grampa will be back very soon for 3 whole months! YAHOO!!!! When we dropped her at the airport the sniffles started and then there was silence the whole way home...almost. They then started on what is happening next, who is coming next, etc etc. They love having guests!

We are going to Grandma & Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving. It has been so long since we have been over their way because of Sam being on treatment, needing to be near the hospital just in case of fever etc... This port being out is a whole new exciting feeling! Sam loves loves loves it being gone and she will be ecstatic once the pain is gone and life goes on!

We ar thankful for so much. Thankful for Sam being Cancer Free. Thankful that her treatment is over. Thankful that she feels and looks great. Thankful that her port is out. Thankful for so many things....

In this time of Thanksgiving, I ask that you please keep all kids battling cancer and their families in your prayers..and a special prayer request for those who have lost their child, brother/sister. Thank you.

With Never Ending Hope 4 A Cure,

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Natalie Willis said...

So glad to hear all is well and that the healing went well!!

Merry Christmas from the Lee family!

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