Sep 1, 2008

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Hi everyone - just wanted to note a few things today:
  1. We went to the club house for a Labor Day party. Samantha and her friend Ande won 1st place in a swimming relay (age group 7-9). They did incredible and I was so darn proud of Sam. Wow! After everything this child has been thru she continue to amazes me!
  2. Sam and Patrick (the LLS Boy of the Year) along with Brooke and Pat (Woman & Man of the Year) are on certain Bay Area billboards from Sept 15th - Oct 12th. Keep your eyes peeled ~ there are 10 billboards!
  3. We are trying to build our team ~ Team Possible ~ for the 2008 Light the Night Walk, November 8th in Tampa. Please join us if you can, and if you are not able to, please consider donating. Both LTN buttons are to the left. We have done this for 2 years and would really love to have a huge team and raise lots of money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This would be the year to really do it since Samantha is their Girl of the Year!
  4. Sam has a photo shoot w/ Mayor Iorio on Wednesday afternoon. Mayor Iorio is dubbing September Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Month in Hillsborough County. I'm not sure where the pictures will be posted but I will update that info when I know more.
  5. It is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In browsing some other sites of my friends, I found this cool logo - the shirts are available at cafepress and has a picture of one of our favorite Angel friends - Sierra - on the back! It's a must have!
Thanks 4 checking in and for keeping all Cancer Kids in your prayers!
K, J, S & M

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Chris and Marsha said...

Sam, you are amazing - congratulatons on your pool victory!! Love the pictures and love the dolls - you look more beautiful every day. Hope you and Matt are enjoying school. Kristina goes back tomorrow. We miss you!! Love and Hugs, A. Marsha, U. Chris and Fergus

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