Sep 7, 2008

Discovery Cove / Nick Hotel

We had an incredible weekend in Orlando!!! Matthew got to swim with a dolphin (JENNY) and I got to join him (Sam dissed me last year and picked her Dad, so this year was my turn). A first for Matthew and for me and he was so happy!!!

After a long, memorable and more than fun day at Discovery Cove, we then went to the Nick Hotel. We got a great room on the 4th floor over looking the main pool. The kids were thrilled with Sponge Bob in their bedroom (bunk). Matt slept on the floor for the first 5 hours then joined Kevin and I as neither kid would sleep in the top bunk and apparently the couch wasn't comfortable enough for him. Whatever, it was an awesome room! We joined Sponge Bob and friends for a character breakfast and then hung out at the awesome pool for a while...we came home exhausted, but full of wonderful memories! (Both kids are afraid of elevators so we got our fair share of stair climbing this weekend ~ I thank God that there is no longer a wheel chair used in our family ~ and I pray we never NEED it ~ or a elevator ~ again, EVER!)

We'd like to thank our friends Kelly & Scott and their neighbors/friends for this weekend. Non of this would have been possible for us without you and your friends helping us! Thank you so much for making Matthew feel so special! Samantha, also, kept saying over and over again how much fun she had. And this year, she actually felt great at Discovery Cove and really enjoyed herself where last year was a bit of a challenge with dealing with feeling sick and really run down.

Kim, Ernie, Carol & Bob, thanks so much for taking care of Sonador while we were gone!!! We love you guys and would be lost without you!!!

Sam has her monthly check up tomorrow...please pray that all is still perfect, that she continues to be cancer free forever and continues to feel great! She is also registering for a Hip Hop class tomorrow that will run each Monday night. She is very excited about that and we are thrilled that she is feeling good and confident enough to pursue this!

Thank you!!! Please keep all our cancer friends in your prayers as they endure chemo over and over again...and pleasecontinue to pray for a cure and help out if you can...See links to the left...

With Never-Ending Hope 4 A Cure,

K, J, S & M


Dan said...
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Dan said...

Dear Samantha,

I loved the pictures of Discovery Cove. It looks like you had lots of fun and I am glad for you.

I hope that you enjoy you hip hop classes.

You are in my thoughts and prayers every day.

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Dan Cohen
North Miami Beach, FL

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