Jul 22, 2008

rough start today...

Sam & Katie

This morning was a rough send off to HSM camp with Sam. She is feeling very sad. She looks different, she feels different. I hate this. Why can't she just be a kid for 3 weeks...a normal kid? She told me she is not normal. She does not look normal. She does not feel normal. And EVERYONE knows it. I'm not sure how right she is but it doesn't matter if she is feeling it. I can't change how she feels. I can only tell her I love her. I'm proud of her and to hold her head high. She has been thru hell and should be proud of all she has overcome. But after all, she is only 9 and normal would be a good feeling to her. I'm thinking this is not the last I'll hear of this but they were able to peel her off of me and put a smile on her face...I'm hoping that she'll be smiling and happy at noon when I pick her up to take her for her hair cut/style/highlighting...will post picts of that one.

Please pray for her strength and happiness... and for all our friends battling cancer right now. Thank you
With Never Ending Hope 4 A Cure, K, J, S & M

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Margie said...

Hi Sam- I just typed you this long message & found out I needed an account so when I went to sign up it erased the message. Grr
I'm sorry you were so sad yesterday. Sometimes I wonder if you remember what a brave girl you are. Most of us adults couldn't go thru what you have. I know its hard but try to remember beauty is from the inside & do you realize how many people love you? Can't wait to see the new "do". Try to keep that smile on your face & I'll sasy an extra prayer or two.

Merry Christmas from the Lee family!

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