Jul 1, 2008

Really Really Good & Really Really Not So Good!

Wii Fit & Psoriasis

So the day started out really really good yesterday. Daddy found the Wii Fit on sale at Target on his way to work! Yahoo! We were psyched!

After the chiropractor, we headed down to Sam’s Dermatologist, Dr. V. The rashes have not been getting better with the fungal and eczema cream and in fact were/are getting worse. The itching is very hard on Sam and it is making her not sleep very well and it looks just awful. So, I spoke w/ Dr. V.’s PA and told him again about psoriasis running rampant in my family. Both parents, 3 siblings and my niece, as well as Kevin’s sister… I told him I thought that is what it looks like, the “fungal” on the back it getting red and splotchy and the chest, shoulder & all over her arms and hands…the poor thing. He scraped the rash in the back to look at closer under the microscope. We waited and he came back in w/ Dr. V. and we were told that we were one step ahead of him, and indeed he thought it was a “pre” psoriasis. Sam did have tears in her eyes but quickly smiled and shrugged her shoulders. At least it is something we are familiar with and hopefully can be fixed easily enough. I’ve never heard of “pre” psoriasis b4… but he did prescribe the same topical cream my dad is on, Dovonex (for night time) and Lidex (for day time). He also prescribed natural sunlight for 5-10 minutes a day on both sides and the ocean water. I’m loving that since we are leaving for Cape Cod in 11 days! Thank God for insurance, the Dovonex (with insurance) was $55. The retail for this tube of cream is $453.99! He did say that she could not take anything for the psoriasis by mouth. Due to her being immune suppressed and the fact that she still has chemo in her body and not knowing about any type of internal damage (puke) that may have caused; anything PO is absolutely not an option at this point. As long as the cream helps, and hopefully works completely, we are totally fine with that. I’d just as soon not give her anything by mouth unless it is absolutely necessary. Give her body a break, please!

We then joined Dad at work for lunch (and to pick up the Fit). We all enjoyed that time together.

When we came home from the Dermatologist/Lunch, we set up the Wii Fit and stared our afternoon of fun (after getting past the tears of our weight and BMI – yikes!). I think Matt racked up almost 2 hours and Sam did over 1 hour! Hula Hooping, Yoga, Jogging, Skiing, tight rope walking…they couldn’t get enough. I loved it too (as did Kevin) and the crack up of the day was watching Matthew hula hoop. I was howling…we all were. He takes it all very serious and was mad at us for talking. No talking or he’ll mess up! Today, my back isn’t so happy w/ the hula hoping I did. So I think I’ll stick to yoga and strength training for now. Right now they are both fighting over it. The plan was the beach for sun and salt water but right now the sky is looking ominous, so we’ll wait a bit and see if the radar shows anything promising.

That is it for now. Thanks for checking in. Please continue to keep Sam and all her cancer friends in your prayers. These kids go through so much and become so strong in the process.

With Never Ending Hope 4 A Cure,
K, J, S & M

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