Jun 12, 2008

Sigh of Relief

(Sam doing the limbo...)

June 12th -

Ok, Sam's counts are back - they are PERFECT, thank you God!

The neighborhood kids are the "featured stand" on Alex's Lemonade site today:

The LLS Light the Night Walk in Tampa is November 8th...please join us or donate...Together, we can all make a difference... the link is in our favorites

June 11th -

We have a lot of thoughts going thru our heads right now with another friend who has just finished treatment for ALL relapsing. Fear and Anger. Lots of both. Sam does not know yet. She does not handle these things well at all. But then again, who the hell does?
Sammi has her monthly check up tomorrow. She will have her port accessed and flushed and her blood drawn. She had not been feeling very well. She says she feels "weird" and of course the hair on my neck stands up when I hear that. I'm certain it is just adjusting to summer schedules and keeping busy physically makes her exhausted. We did the beach yesterday and the pool today. When we came home today she passed out for almost 2 hours and woke up in time for dinner. Her face is pale but then again we're putting 70 sunblock on her...but still you look at her and in the back of your mind...you worry. One thing I have learned thru all of this...she may be done w/ treatment but this feeling will NEVER go away. I will NEVER look at her the same way I look at Matthew. I will never stop obsessing about her health and her feelings and her happiness. As I looked thru these pictures while putting the slide show together, I felt anger...sadness...and more fear. No child should ever have to endure this ~ EVER. Never mind a 2nd or 3rd time. A cure must be found. We have lost far too many children to this disease and each time a child is diagnosed, relapses or passes, I get more angry, more scared, more fearful.

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