Aug 19, 2011

Sam update and CureSearch Walk Info

A great summer for Sam & Matt.  School starts on Tuesday.  Sam will be going into 7th grade.  She is very excited!  I need to make Sam's 4 month check up and hopefully can get her in soon...  She has been off prozac for about 6 months now and as long as she continues to eat healthy and exercise (and not do the OCD freak out) we will continue status quo with that.

The CureSearch Walk is coming up in Tampa Bay...actually in St. Pete.  It is on Sept. 24th @ North Straub Park. Our "team" which currently consists of Sam, Matt and myself and Shelley (thanks Shelley!) are called: "Hope 4 A Cure".  If you are able to donate and/or join us, please feel free!  My understanding of this walk/day is it is a celebration of life and hope for kids who have or have had cancer and rememberence for those who have lost their battle to cancer !  How can it not be an awesome day?  We have so much to be thankful for!

Every little bit helps, so please don't feel funny donating $1 or $5 and please feel free to join us!! :)

The link to join the team/doante:

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