Oct 2, 2008

Sam's on TV ! WUSF TV Ch 16 @ 5:27pm Friday, 10/03/08

At the Buc's game w/ The Houtz Family...

There will be a story on WUSF TV tomorrow night at 5:27pm about Samantha & the Light The Night Walk. This is the 10th year that we celebrate the LTN walk and the 4th year that we are walking. We are still looking to build our team...please consider joining us or donating...
Sam is gearing up for next week. Tuesday is her Neuro Psych testing at St. Joe's...we will get the results of those the following Tuesday. Wednesday is her Eye Exam follow up (blurry vision & headaches). Then, Thursday is her 6 month post treatment LP. As long as all is clear (IT WILL BE) we will then schedule her port removal and at that point she will stop taking the Bactrim (anti-biotic). Kevin and I are both very anxious about all of it ~ especially the Neuro Psych testing and know that regardless of the outcome, we have her here with us today. She has oversome some pretty incredible odds and every day with her (and her brother Matthew) is a blessing. We will cross the "late term effects of treatment" bridge as they come, and be reminded of those not so fortunate and those still fighting the battle. We have Never Ending Hope 4 A Cure and are thankful for every single day... K, J, S & M

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Anissa Mayhew said...

I know all those late term effect worries. But you're so right, we do have to concentrate on the good...i'd rather have late effects than no child at all, you know? We have to focus on the good, my friend.

Loving you all,

Merry Christmas from the Lee family!

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