Oct 14, 2008

Link for Sam on TV

Samantha & Josh (with his "Ray Hawk")! So Cute!

Yahoo! I love normal!
Another full day of school (work), 3 hr Neuro Psych testing (part 2 of 2) then to CCD and then to Matt's soccer...both kids collapse into bed...now I'm off to work some more but I love it! Thank God for crazy normal busy...

Here is Sam on the WUSF TV (from Sept 3rd) for those of you not local or that missed it, here is the link. You have to cut and paste the link to make it work... sorry.

mms://www.wusf.usf.edu/florida_focus/oct_08/FF 10-03-08.wmv

Thursday morning is the consultation with the surgeon that put in Sam's port. Hopefully that'll be scheduled quickly and we can move on w/ life.
Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.

With Never Ending Hope 4 A Cure,
K, J, S & M


Natalie Willis said...

WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Bye bye port! Hello crazy, chaotic, ordinary life! That's fabulous news!!


Anissa Mayhew said...

I can't wait to join in the crazy brand of normal! Or as close to it as we get. What can I say, we're pretty un-normal to start with.

Loving you guys,

Merry Christmas from the Lee family!

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