Jul 7, 2008

Get Off My Port!

Happy Monday! 3 months ago today, Sam took her last dose of chemo! She feels really good and has been doing the Wii Fit every day! She loves it! She goes in for her LP on Thursday. She is very anxious...the psoriasis has spread and it now completely covers her port. She is a wreck about this and says she can handle the psoriasis on her arms chest shoulders armpits neck leg and face - JUST GET OFF HER PORT! Then I'm thinking about the tegaderm...oh my God - normally, Sam and tegaderm do not get along at all and everyone in the day hospital knows that Sam goes back to clinic to get de-accessed as she pitches a fit and only Nurse Bob (and sometimes Vicki or Bonnie) can de-access her. And she has to do the "Remove" herself. That ought to feel good on her psoriasis. I'm thinking I'll have to have a stiff drink b4 that happens (just kiddin').
Matt is going to a karate camp 1 mile from our house on Thursday and Friday (Can you picture him with us in the hospital?! God no! Or better yet on Friday when Sam has her LP headache...not). The place seems really great and they even have after school care so if all goes as planned, I get a job and life continues on uneventfully, (please!) then they have a great place to go after school.

So that's all for now. Thanks for checking in and for keeping all cancer kids in your prayers! xoxo
With Never Ending Hope 4 A Cure,
K, J, S & M

1 comment:

Anissa Mayhew said...

Poor Sam, I sure hope they get that rash FINALLY under control! She's been suffering for so long.

It sure sounds like Matt's going to be having a blast at camp! I hope he rocks the karate and has a blast making new friends.


ps..I will be missing you while you're in Cape Cod! Send pictures

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