Jul 10, 2008

Actually, I'm going w/ port access...way easier! DAMN that psoriasis!

After a very long morning, Sam finally had her LP. All looks awesome. Her ANC is 4690! Yes, we are thrilled! Prelim LP results are great!

Her vains suck. After lots of tapping and rubber bands cutting into her skin (Sam loves this!)...they blew one. Then sent over to the day hospital...couldn't find it on the other side after lots of tears and needle moving and then Super Jill was able to go in thru her hand! Her scream was heard throughout the day hospital. But, it went in...and then all moved quickly from there.

All in all, it was very tough - but the outcome was awesome and she knows everyone did the best they could do. Right now her back and head hurt...and she is grumpy - all normal reactions to an LP for Sam.

Thanks for checking in!

PLEASE PLEASE keep all cancer kids in your prayers. So many are struggling right now. Please pray for them and their familes....

With Never-Ending Hope 4 A Cure,

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