Jun 22, 2008

Home from the beach

Hi all - Kevin, Matthew and I are home. I did want to update Matt's slideshow here. It was a such a nice weekend for him. He really needed some Matthew time.

Sam had a rough send off on Thursday but we have not heard from the Camp and assume that all is well. Yes, I miss her more than I thought possible... Only 3 more days until she is home - and I'm not sure how happy I will be sending her off to college - God, I miss her!

Will update more once she is back home - where she belongs!

This photo is Matt @ Bubba Gumps - @ our table in front of 100 different types of tobasco sauces...just in case he thought he was allowed to act up there...no, not so much!

With Never Ending Hope 4 A Cure,
K, J, S & M

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Anissa Mayhew said...

I LOOOVE Bubba Gumps, that means you were down near the old Bandstand...oh good memories there. Did he love the water park? I sure miss you guys, and especially Sweet Sam. I'll bet she's having a blast at camp! I remember how worried you were about her at Flight Camp last year and truly the minute your brakelights were out of sight, she quit worrying and had a good time.

See you at Little Tales??

Merry Christmas from the Lee family!

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