Apr 4, 2008

3 days left

Well, I thought with only 3 days left of treatment, I should be planning Sam's EOT (End of Treatment) party. I've got some worries...lots of worries. With relapses running rampant lately, I cringe when I think about planning an extravaganza...what if...

But then I slap myself, there will be no what if's. There will be a bright, vibrant almost 9 year old dancing and singing and celebrating with 150 people in our back yard. That is what we will have...and each month, the blood work will come back fine, every 3 months, the LP will come back clear...she will get stronger. She will lose the weight she gained. She will push herself at PT and OT to regain her strength. And repair whatever damage was done when she had the brain bleed. She will live a full and happy life. The Hell is over...or it will be in a few short day. Sam will get her ears pierced next weekend. She is so excited!

And when we can take a breath...we will continue to raise money through Bravery Heart sales. We will do all we can to help raise money and awareness to find a cure for childhood cancer. No child should have to endure this hell. No parent should have to sit back and watch. No parent should have to bury their child. A cure must be found...

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